New lower pricing on most parts!
New lower pricing on most parts!
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BearExxa Extruder Upgrade Kit.

BearExxa Extruder Upgrade Kit.

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Pack Includes:

1 BearExxa Hardware Pack

1   2.95 x 15.98 mm Dowel pin

14 M3X10 mm screws

4   M3X14 mm screws

14 M3X18 mm screws

2 M3X25 mm screws

6 M3X40 mm screws

2 M2X12 mm screws (MK2.5)

14 M3 Hex nuts

4 M3 Hex nylon nuts

7 M3 Square nuts

5 M3 Steel washers

50mm PTFE Tube

6 2.5x100 mm zip ties

1 LDO 1.8 CoolPower Extruder Motor

1 OEM3D Hotend Cooling Fan

1 MK3/MK2.5 X Axis belt


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